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    illustrator issue after updating to latest version #19.2.0 ?

    Upendra_sengar Level 2

      Hi Folks ,


      It's been a week since illustrator release of 19.2.0 , but i updated this recently and came to know about several bugs while testing ,


      1. No more supports for node.js since it has moved to io.js. could explore this from the given link. http://www.davidebarranca.com/2015/12/html-panel-tips-19-cc2015-1-cep6-1-node-js-fixes/#co mment-199918

      so npm modules are not working.


      2. Debugging on chrome not working not able to scroll down the window when i open the debugger some type of fluctuations have no idea about it.


      It seems adobe is not aware about this bug if it already fixed then please let me know about these fixes.



      Upendra sengar