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    Sort DXO results into collections

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      this is  duplicate of a question that I wrote accidently in German into the LR-Beginners section.

      I use LR6 with DXO10. I exported photos from several collection simultaneously into DXO. I then write them back as DGNs in LR. This creates a new collection within LR where now all my photos reside. But I would like to have them back into the collection from where they came. How can I do that? I can staple them within their folders, but that does not bring them back into the collections because it seems one cannot staple in collections (?). But somehow LR should know in which collections a DNG files belongs. DXO did not change the number but appended DXO to it. So how could I get LR to check if a new file with a DXO extension already belongs to a certain folder and then place it there?