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    PostNetText and MAC

    Ben Danis
      we have created a network database class for an application developped in Director. Basically we make a PostNetText function call like this
      iNetID = PostNetText("webaddress.php", ["param1": Value])
      the parameters that we pass is a mySQL query, therefore a fairly long string. The php code takes care of echoing the result into a string and director then reads the result and parses it accordingly. The network has PHP 4 and mySQL 5 and Apache installed
      This works perfectly when on a PC. when working on a MAC, the query doesn't get executed most of the times. The times that it did work, it would take over a second to get a result and then the subsequent calls would take longer.

      Is there something that we are doing wrong in passing the parameters, or should we proceed differently if working on a MAC?

      I have looked in depth at the shocknet website and never saw a mention of any problems

      Thanks in advance