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    Live update broken

    Snow Animation Studio

      After I updated After effects so many things are broken.
      But the absolute worst is the update in the viewport. Live up date is ON, it's working about 5% of the times.
      It updates the a first 2-4 ten:ths of a second then it's just be bounding box moving until i let go of the mouse button.

      If i do start to move really slow I can then do larger changes and it wont glitch out.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What, exact, version number of AE did you have that was working properly?

          What, exact, version number of AE have you updated to that isn't working?

          What, exact, OS number are you using?

          What are your system specs?

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            I'm getting the same issue.


            Live update is on, but when I click and drag to scrub the timeline the footage does not update. If keep the mouse button held down and hover over the same point for a few seconds the green RAM bar does not appear, it's only when i let go.


            I've noticed that this only seems to happen when I'm using an image sequence... movies, solids and still images Ram preview fine and I can see the green bar filling up live.


            I'm using the latest version of AE CC 2015 all up to date...version I think i had issues with the previous update also but not previous version (so CC 2014 worked fine and earlier updates of 2015 did also). I'm using Windows 8.1 with a GTX 780 and Intel core i7-4770K 3.5 GHz.