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    Some graphics freeze on a certain position and only resets after restart of after effects

    Peter Cutter



      Since the latest update I have the following problem:



      I work on some graphics and add keyframes, then sometimes the graphic freezes. While "freezing" is not quiet exact, because sometimes its that the animation of some particular layer is frozen, or lets say seems like baked. Even when I change the keyframes now, this layer repeats the old animation. Though the change of the animation is documented in the new values And: when I close After Effects and restart, the Animation now displays the new values. Strange and enerving problem, because now I have to continually restart After Effects, to see what I am doing.


      I am working on the following system:


      After Effects CC2015 (latest update)

      Windows 7 (automatic updates enabled)

      Nvidia GTX 780 6GB RAM (Driver: 359.06)

      CPU i7-4930K 3.4GHz

      OS on 64 bit