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    Jim Fenster

      Does the Adobe Stock license permit using an image on an item that is sold even though the image is not the main focus?

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          It depends on the item being sold and how the image is used. Please refer to the license agreement for specific details on allowable use. Can you provide us with more information on the product and how the image will be used so we can provide you with an accurate answer?


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          Mat Hayward

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            Jim Fenster Level 1

            Hi Matt,


            Say, for an example, a kids restaurant place mat where there would be a cartoon, puzzles and games, etc. Where the stock photo would be used is about one fourth of the mat and it would be a "find the difference" kind of a game. Maybe a photo of candy and the second version a few things would be changed, color, something missing, that sort of thing.




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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              Hi Jim,


              Thank you for clarifying the usage. That would be considered as part of the primary value of the product. The Adobe Stock license does not allow for this type of use. You will need to purchase an Extended license at Fotolia.com.


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                Jim Fenster Level 1

                Hi Mat,


                So basically 30 credits, or about $30 gets me unlimited use of an image, correct?

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                  MatHayward Adobe Employee

                  Not necessarily. 30 credits is the minimum price for an Extended license at Fotolia. The price is set by the contributor and can go as high as 100 credits for an image in the standard collection. The print run is unlimited but the allowable use is still restricted though much more flexible than the standard license. The use you described above would be fine with an extended license. Details can be read here: https://us.fotolia.com/Info/Agreements/ExtendedLicense



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