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    Cannot download a licensed image


      I licensed image number 91560418, and it is showing as licensed in my library.  The version in Photoshop CC still shows the watermark when I place it.  I've also tried downloading the licensed version to my desktop.  It says "your download will start shortly..." for several seconds, then nothing.  The image is nowhere to be found.  I'm on Win10 and have tried this in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and IE.


      Edited for additional information - I tried other images and AI files in my library, and none of them have any issues.  Coincidentally, I tried another image from the same artist (91560527) and am having the EXACT same issue.  The preview saves to my library, but I cannot save it to my desktop.  Perhaps a corrupt file on Adobe's part?  Or a naming convention issue?  I see that the file name is in another language with some obscure characters.