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    New Creative Cloud Start Workspace Feature Request & Tip

    Kelly McCathran User Group Manager

      Dear Adobe:

      The new "Start" workspace in Creative Cloud 2015.2 has at least one major drawback, you can't set Preferences for InDesign Tools and Panels while in the Start workspace. Could you please add the tools and panels back to the new "Start" workspace?


      Personal Note:

      I've tried to remove most of emotion from this post by opening with a relevant request above (after several rewrites). Why does it seem that major interface changes seem to become the "default" for Creative Cloud applications (lately). When I teach Introductory Level classes, I have no choice but to stay with the "defaults" for at least the 1st day. I realize that many of these changes are made in an effort to help the "new" user or to make Mobile and Desktop look more similar, but how about keeping a little of the more functional interface (that long time users are accustomed to and need, so they don't have to add steps to their workflow)?


      Tip for Creative Cloud 2015.2 Users

      You can quickly get back to your favorite workspace by clicking on "Start" in the Upper Right Corner and switching Workspaces (you can still turn it off in Preferences > General, if choose not to use it as the default). Changing Workspaces in Intro classes saves me the time of explaining where Preferences are, or why you want to change them (before they've learned to use the program).