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    Lightroom CC failing to open catalog


      Lightroom CC latest updated version (the one that got rid of the windows beginner import dialog gui)
      Windows 7 professional 64bit
      32 gigs RAM




      When I go to the dialog box FILE-OPEN RECENT Catalog- and then select a catalog- Lightroom never opens again
      When I go to File- Create New Catalog- just as with the other command, I get the dialog box asking if I want to backup the other catalog, I respond, LR closes down, never opens again.




      What is up with that? I can't find anything online about this in any forum
      Any help is appreciated


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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi D_mcgarrity,


          Could you please move the Lightroom folder under the Pictures folder to the desktop and the launch the catalog from desktop and then try to switch to your desired catalog.




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            d_mcgarrity Level 1

            Hi Sarika,
            I'm not sure what you're suggesting?
            Are you suggesting a temporary fix or to change my almost 8 year work flow system that I've created, and used with no problem until the latest update of Lightroom.




            To be clear-If you are suggesting to move my working files -where all my catalogs are held, as well as all my location for the .dng files, then your solution is not workable.
            Each project of mine utilizes it's own catalog and location for the .dng files. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, so let's say I photographed Sarika's wedding, My normal work flow would be to
            1- CREATE NEW CATALOG- this would be created on my B: drive, because  my C: drive is where all the mail, and programs and operational systems are kept
            2- I would back up all the RAW files from Sarika's wedding on a Network Attached Storage drive (hard wired through an ethernet connection to a main switch)
            3- IMPORT- I would search for those RAW files and select "Convert to .DNG" with a NEW location on my D: drive called "LR OVERFLOW"




            Where the problem has occurred is with
            1- CREATE NEW CATALOG-I choose to create one, name it, and then Lightroom CC never opens again
            2- OPEN RECENT CATALOG-I choose a previously used catalog, and select it, and then Lightroom CC never opens again




            Moving the Folder to a different location does not actually fix either one of those situations, and as a comparison, I still have Lightroom 5.7 on my desktop, it has no problem with opening catalogs on any drive or creating new ones.
            I select the catalog to open, and it opens, I create a new catalog and the program relaunches itself.




            I am not sure if you understood my problem Sarika, I hope I was able to explain it better this time, as well as point out that your fix actually would not work, as well as uprooting almost 10 terabytes of data

            Thank you for your time though,
            This problem is not yet solved


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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              If you close Lightroom, then open Task Manager and Lightroom is still 'resident',

              You may get an answer at this forum link- lightroom remaining

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                d_mcgarrity Level 1

                Thanks Wobertc, I've thought of that too!
                Sadly, Lightroom is not in the Task manager even as an open process, in fact, it's as if the whole program has shut down.
                What I have yet to do is to uninstall, then reinstall this version (the latest upgrade)
                however, and not surprisingly, Creative Cloud app hangs on Windows.
                I've come to the understanding, perhaps mistakenly, that Adobe does not monitor as closely the PC environment as it does Apple, I certainly hope this not to be the case, but that Creative Cloud App, has never worked well!








                This problem is NOT solved as of  1728 EST 12/14/2016

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                  sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  We are sorry to hear about the issues you are facing.

                  I have sent you a personal message for the same please check and reply there.


                  ~ Sarika