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    transfer with catalogue will use same folder name


      Hello to everyone, I'm evaluating the cloud version of Lightroom. I have a MacBook that I use while on travel to import and made a first work on my photos, then I have a domestic NAS at home where to store photos and do most of the work.

      I want to transfer not only the RAW files but all the work done with the MacBook on the NAS, I've tried to use "export as a catalogue" and then "import from a catalogue" with the options to move the files, it works but it keep the old folder name and it doesn't allow me to put them under a folder with another name. For example, if on my Mac I work with a folder named "2015" and then transfer to a folder with the same name on the NAS everything works fine but if I made a folder named "photos" to work on the MacBook and then I want to transfer everything on my NAS under the folder "Hawaii" everything is put under Hawaii\photos\ instead of Hawaii\