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    Workstation specs

    Themis_37 Level 1

      Hello everyone


      I have the opportunity to purchase an HP Z800 refurbished workstation at a very low price and I was wondering if the money is worth spent. The specs are the following:


      HP Z800 workstation

      Processors: 2x2.66 GHz Hex-Core Xeon (X5650) - 6.40 GT/12MB

      RAM: 24 GB  (12x2) DDR3 ECC Reg 1333 MHz

      Graphics card: Nvidia Quadro 2000 - 1GB DDR5


      My OS drive will be a 250 GB Samsung SSD EVO, plus 2 more on a stripe RAID to host video for editing?


      The whole system is around 800 dollars and I was wondering if it's worth buying. I mainly work with AVCHD material from DSLRs and AE graphics but not so often I edit 4K footage from Blackmagic cameras.


      Anyone with knowledge or experience on this, please report back. Also, how faster is this particular system compared to an old core2quad (Q9300 processor) with 8BGs of RAM?


      Thanks a lot in advance.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lots of information at Tweakers Page


          Quadro is over priced and under performing compared to GTX line, but will work

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            Themis_37 Level 1

            Thanks for the info but the site's info focuses on i7 and AMD latest generation processors. I need info on this particular setup and its performance. It's a 12core system. An older one but still 12-core. Would it do the work for what I ask?

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              You can do better here is what turns me off, a single i7 5900 family should run rings out of this antique CPU with essentially it not upgradable FCLGA1366 socket


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                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                Sorry, I mentioned the i7-5900 family it is not in you your price range.  But get something which you can eventually upgrade later

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                  Themis_37 Level 1

                  Oh, I get it. So you think it's not worth it because it's not upgradeable... Well, I was seriously thinking about it as a second workstation that would help out with rough cuts, practically in order to replace an older core2quad with 8 GBs of RAM. My main workstation is a 7,000 euros HP Z840 and I wanted to compare horsepower. Obviously this one is older but how faster is it compared to the quad in particular? Set aside whether it can be upgraded or not, do you think it's worth getting rid of the old quad one in favor of the HP?

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                    JEShort01 Level 4

                    Would the dual Xeon (24 cores w/ hyperthreads) with 24GB of RAM (introduced in 2010) outpace a quad core (4 cores, has no hyperthreads) with 8GB of RAM (introduced in 2008), you bet! Even with a rather lame GPU for Premiere, the 24 cores and 24GB would be substantially faster than the Q9300 system.


                    Is the Z800 refurb worth it though? I'd say no. Blackmagic 4k and DSLR footage do beg for a pretty decent PC in all aspects (GPU, CPU, RAM, and drive) to work smoothly on a timeline. You could build a brand new PC with an $800 budget that would work about as well as the Z800, and for about 50% more you could reach a performance level that would really make editing enjoyable (that would be my suggestion for you). If you went with the Z800, it is so old that adding another $400 would not be nearly as effective as $400 of upgrades to a newer platform. Face it, the x5650 was introduced 1 month shy of 6 years ago - a long time ago in the PC world. The Quadro 2000 that it packs is a really lame GPU for Premiere Pro.


                    What version of Premiere Pro are you using? I ask because CC gains more from a GPU and works better with newer media vs. the older CS versions.





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                      Themis_37 Level 1

                      You're absolutely right. I think I should look into how the workstation would be able to be upgraded. I'm using PPro CC 2015. I'll go with what works best from tweakers. I think it's probably the only solution...

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                        Themis_37 Level 1

                        How does this PC look to you?


                        CPU: 1 x Intel CPU Core i7 6700 (1151/3.40 GHz/8 MB)

                        RAM: 1 x Corsair Desktop RAM Vengeance 32GB Kit 1866MHz DDR3

                        Motherboard: 1 x Gigabyte Motherboard Z170-HD3 (Z170/1151/DDR3)

                        GPU: 1 x Palit VGA GTX 750 StormX OC 2GB

                        Cooling: 1 x Fazn CPU Cooler Hydro 120T

                        Drives: 2 x SSD 250Gb Sata III 850 EVO (to be set on RAID)

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                          cc_merchant Level 4

                          LOUSY. Incorrect specs of the motherboard. Wrong memory that is not compatible and does not work, two lousy EVO drives that have bad write performance, watercooling with loud fans and medocre cooling performance. I suggest you do your homework or get someone knowledgeable do it for you.

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                            RjL190365 Level 5

                            I mostly agree with cc_merchant. However, there is a GA-Z170-HD3 motherboard available in both DDR3 and DDR4 flavors - but be forewarned that Intel officially supports only DDR3L (1.35V or lower voltage) RAM in the Skylake CPU IMC. Use of even standard DDR3 RAM with that i7-6700 may damage the CPU! (For the record, that Corsair Vengeance RAM is rated at 1.5V - which is too high for that CPU or any other Skylake CPU.)


                            And do not get the EVO SSDs if you want to RAID them. The write speed itself isn't an issue; in fact, I attained a 500 MB/second write speed result with the 500GB 850 EVO SATA III SSD in an export of the Disk I/O timeline of the PPBM9 benchmark for Premiere Pro CC 2015. It's just that the EVO's firmware is completely unsuitable for RAID. Moreover, there are compatibility issues between some newer SSDs and certain older Gigabyte motherboards based on Z68 and older chipsets that were originally shipped with the Award BIOS; in fact, I had a Silicon Motion 2246EN-based PNY SSD that was extremely slow on a Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 motherboard (less than 20 MB/second in both reads and writes).


                            And I totally agree that the liquid cooler that you chose is a poor choice for the money: It has only a single 120mm fan - and that fan is relatively loud. Moreover, its cooling performance is downright mediocre. And if you won't be overclocking at all (or cannot do so), stick with the stock boxed Intel air cooler that comes with the CPU for free.