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    Cross-References broken in PDF export


      I work on a catalog where chunks of content often needs to move around between pages, from one issue to the next. I also frequently have text on other pages that requires references to other products. I've devised a system where I've created a non-printing layer above my main layer, an in that layer I make a boxes of text with the name of the item and the page the reference is on, the text is given the (style-less) Paragraph Style called "CrossRefs". I then link up the page # in the text by using the Cross-References panel, finding that layer style "CrossRefs" and then find the bit of text for the product I intend to reference. I keep that little box with the text and images for the item at all times, and whatever page that little box is moved to, the reference is automatically changed to the page number in which that box resides. The references layer is set to not print, and it vanishes when you hit "W" to preview the page. I set it up this way because I liked the visual representation of what I was linking to, I was afraid images or text could otherwise sometimes be swapped out and lost. I have found this to be a pretty good system so far, except one PDF (using our printer's export to PDF settings) had random references missing here and there, instead having <OV> in place of the page number. However, I've never had the issue any other time, the exact same file exports perfectly ever since. It ended up being quite a costly mistake to correct 35 pages, does anyone have any ideas why this would have happened? Am I setting up my cross-references in a correct way? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.