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    Cant copy from Adobe Digital editions on my Windows 10 PC to my Kobo eReader


      I have used a Kobo eReader for several years, downloading from my library or purchasing from a store to my PC, then copying to my Kobo eReader. A few months ago I purchased a new Acer netbook with windows 10. I can no longer copy from my netbook to my Kobo eReader.

      I bought 2 books from the Kobo store and downloaded them to my PC. When I try to copy to my Kobo eReader I get the message CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED. 

      A right click on the book in the Adobe Digital editions says copy permission denied.

      I can read the books on Adobe Digital editions but I would prefer to read the books on my Kobo eReader.

      I downloaded an ePub book from the Ottawa library into Adobe Digital editions on my PC and attempted a copy to my Kobo eReader with the same results.

      Is there a problem with compatibility between Windows 10 and Adobe?

      has anyone had the same problem? Help!