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    How do I turn off the new "work with glyphs more easily" feature of InDesign CC?

    G Snyder Level 1

      The November 2015 update introduced an in-line system for accessing alternate glyphs. I'm not sure if this feature has a specific name, but it's described here. And here's a screenshot that shows what it looks like:


      Whenever you make a selection, the blue bar underlines the first glyph, and if you pass the mouse over the vicinity of the blue bar, the alternate glyphs appear as shown. Click a glyph to replace the blue-underlined glyph with an alternate.


      This is a whole lot of in-your-face UI for a feature I don't expect to ever use. Even worse, I've found that it's easy to fumble-finger an unwanted alternate glyph selection just in the normal course of editing. I sure hope I've caught all the cases in which I did that; I don't think, e.g., the spell checker will help with that since the letter itself isn't modified, only the visual representation of it.


      Anyway, I'd really like to turn this feature completely off. I've looked around for an option, but I don't see it anywhere. Does this option exist? If not, it sure should...