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    color not right in LR on I Mac,,, frustrated


      Helo < i am very stuck,, I have been editing for 4 years on my Macbook pro but recently purchased a I Mac just a few weeks ago. I purchased PHOtoshop cc and lightroom cc,, I have switched my display screen on my mac to adobe rgb 1998 to try to get accurate color and after editing a whole session that was enhanced in LR then exported to photoshop cc and saved. They looked great, perfect edits for my work, i transfer a few over to my old macbook pro and the color was off, lighter, less contrast and not near as warm,, not green like if there is an embedded color deal but lost contras, and went pastel on me.. I sent some to friend to view on her monitor which is not MAC and same deal,, sent some to my email to view on my iPhone and looked good,, this is not making sense to me, I still have my my display monitor on adobe RGb 1998 but what am i needing to switch my lightroom to and how and what do i need to switch my photoshop to to make sure all my colors are going to match up to print,, my lightroom though my pictures don't look so vibrant when i switched to adobe RGB,, I'm just confused real bad.. I'm needing everything to line up from program to program then to print,, i shoot raw too,, any help is greatly appreciated.