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    Creating a video loop in After Effects


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      I'm a noob to After Effects and currently working on my first video. It's a simple banner ad going on a website. The problem I find is when the video is over there is a harsh pause before the video restarts. I've tried an opacity change where the video fades in and then out, but this does not stop the pause in the video. Is there anyway when creating a video loop to have it look like there is no pause or delay in the loop?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you want the player to loop a video then you need to account for the reload and replay time of the player in the design. AE or any other video editing app has nothing at all to do with the ability of a media player to seamlessly loop a video. You just have to design your movie so that the loop is not annoying.


          If you are working on a Banner for a website I would suggest that you use the authoring tools in Flash Professional and build an HTML 5 animation or carefully design a smooth loop in AE with a very low frame rate and then export a lossless copy of the video, open the video in Photoshop and create a animated gif there. Without resorting to coding and HTML animations those are the only two ways I know to make a video loop seamlessly on a web page. Media player reload and playback rates are much too unpredictable to get reliable playback.