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    unable to purge video cache in lightroom 5.7 can i manually delete the cache files?


      Hi I'm unable to purge the video cache in Lightroom 5.7. I had just recently I found that my system had become extremely slowed and my SSD, which is the drive i have windows 8.1 and lightroom installed on, is completely full. So i checked the caches used by Lightroom and for some reason the video cache has 30 Gb of files, even though i have it set to limit the cache to 3 Gb. so I clicked the purge cache button in preferences>file handling section and i get the following pop up-


      but it disappears immediately, without purging the cache. i searched online but couldn't find a solution that worked for me.


      so my question is how do i fix it so that it works, or barring finding a solution that way, can I just go delete the cashe files manually? or will that damage the catalog somehow?