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    Why is it impossible to to remove/update any/all versions of flash player without some f***ing issue?!


      I try to remove/update any/all versions but it either doesn't last more than a day or doesn't work outright. I can't remember the last time I had an Adobe or Java update message pop up and when I try to do it myself I only manage to make things worse. I'm not some ITT Tech grad so I don't know what I'm doing and help is next to nonexistent. I'm so f***ing sick of this it's pathetic. I'm glad I'm getting a new desktop that should hopefully be up-to-date with these because I can't remove it let alone update this s***. The bad side is I have to wait about 8 days before being able to do anything online in either Internet Explorer or Firefox. I don't know why you stopped having direct correspondence let alone whose "bright" idea it was for forum based solutions but guess what? All you did was make this one big cluster flop you dumbf***ers!