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    Adobe Draw: Errant Circles drawing Lines - iPad Pro w Apple Pencil

    Larry Cooney Level 1

      Hello All,

      Brand new iPad Pro owner here. Was super excited to use it after attending a webinar last week that featured Brian Yap working on his iPad Pro.

      So my Apple Pencil arrived today and first thing I did was fire up Adobe Draw to work on a commissioned illustration I need to get done by end of the year.


      I am encountering a strange issue where if I draw a line when I get to a curve or angle in the line, Adobe Draw creates a big circle at the anchor completely rendering the drawn line useless. It especially happens if I draw somewhat slowly. If I draw really fast, it does not happen. Honestly though I do not feel like I am drawing all that slow.

      It does not matter if I have my palm on the iPad or use it without my Palm touching. it happens about 50% of the time.


      Since it may be hard to visualize what I am discussing, I just went ahead and made a video capturing what is happening.



      You can clearly see it on the second line I draw, but then you can see it happens on two additional lines as well.


      Is anyone else experiencing this??? Is my Apple Pencil somehow faulty?

      It took me weeks to find the Apple Pencil in stock, and again I have a project I need to get done and was really looking forward to using the iPad Pro for. But if enough people tell me they are not experiencing this, I will try and find a replacement for the Pencil itself.


      Or is it just a behavior of the app? I will say I quickly checked out the Pencil in a few other apps, and it did not happen in anything else. Just Adobe Draw.