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    Can I Keep Titles Inside Action Safe Guides?

    mksalva Level 1

      I'm making a credit sequence for something that will only be seen on computer screens, or on some theatrical video projectors. It isn't meant for TV.


      If I keep the titles inside of the action safe guides, instead of the title safe guides, is that bad?



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          squidkings Level 1

          It will be bad if someone important watches your video on a TV that cuts off more than the usual amount. Its a gamble you'll be responsible for.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            HD safe action and safe titles area are not nearly as critical as Standard Definition. The under scan on a CRT (cathode ray tube) is usually a fairly close match to the safe action area and broadcasters used to be really picky about things like lower thirds and legal disclaimers. LED and Plasma displays have very little under scan. IOW most of the pixels are visible so you have a larger portion of the screen to consider. If it were buy project I would make sure that any legally required titles fell within the safe title area of the format I was using. Anything that is moving falls outside the safe action area is OK as long as missing some part of the text does not keep you from telling your story. If you are going to be putting some important text on the screen you must count on that text being cut off at the at the edge of the screen on a fairly large percentage of the screens it is shown on. That shouldn't be much of a problem though because jamming critical text right up against the edge of a frame is just bad design anyway.

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              adamneer Level 2

              From what i've read over the past few years, many people have moved to using the action safe guides for their titles.  I do it as well, since over-scan is all but a thing of the past (especially with online video) and the title-safe area is simply too limiting by todays standards.  To be honest, unless I'm legally required to do so, I have no interest in catering to anyone still using a CRT.