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    Real Time Preview issues with After Effects

    tombo Level 1

      Hello fellow AE designers.


      I have an issue... Since updating to the latest AE, I can not get real time previews... no matter what resolution I set the comp or preview at.


      Heres the thing, while the preview is playing back... and it varies between 12 fps and 23 fps... if I right click in the comp window... the playback jumps straight into 25 fps - real time (I'm in PAL terrritory)

      ...then if I click elsewhere the play back again jumps to some rate below real time... This is bizzarre.


      Without going into what I'm running on what OS and how much ram etc etc etc... I am bamboozled as to WHY IT HAS ALWAYS WORKED....  till this upgrade?


      Does any one else have this issue and does the bizarre right mouse click action enble real time playback?


      Pleas someone/STAFF shed a little light on this...  as it's VERY annoying.


      BTW I am running a 2014 Mac Pro, with Yosemite 10.10.5, 64 GB RAM with Blackmagic Ultra studio Express.



      1.jpg 2.jpg


      Cheers from Australia.