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    Customer service is awful!  Someone in the United States would be helpful!

    TWINkiesMommy Level 1

      I'm having duplicate billing issues and have taken several steps to try and resolve it.  This is my situation:


      Last year I tried to cancel my Creative Cloud Student and Teacher edition (one-year) because I really only used Lightroom and Photoshop.  They wouldn't let me because it had auto-renewed the day before and I'd have to pay the $100+ cancellation fee.  Okay, fine.  I set it on my calendar this year and called before the contract renewed.  I called on October 6th, and the renewal date was October 8th.  I wanted to cancel the Creative Cloud account and switch to the cheaper Photography and Lightroom account.  The girl on the phone (in India of course) said she'd changed my plan over and it would be $10.81 per month.  The same day I received a credit of $1.44 which I figured must be the remaining day on my contract.  The next day, on October 7th, I was charged $10.81.  Okay... great.  Or not.  I noticed a week later that I was charged $32.46 ALSO on October 8th.  I tried calling but gave up in frustration and figured maybe it would work itself out.  I forgot about it.  November and December I got charged $10.81 on the 6th, and $32.46 on the 8th of each month.

      Steps I've taken over the last month:


      • I've chatted online with someone that was either less than intelligent, barely spoke English, or wasn't human for over 30 minutes to no avail.  They said they were escalating my case.
      • I've made two telephone calls, both that lasted more than an hour and took place with someone in India.  Both were exercises in frustration but at the end of it I was assured that my duplicate amount billed and errors in my account would be corrected.  I repeated it back to the last representative I spoke to three times to confirm we had the same understanding.  They would credit $32.46 x2 within 48 hours and they would make sure no more charges went through for the wrong amount.  Instead, I was charged both again for December.
      • Today, (nearly two weeks later?)  I get an email message that says my problem is resolved and they have credited me $10.81 two times.  My case is closed and it comes from an email address that does not allow replies. 


      Are you freaking kidding?  I'm ready to pull my ever loving hair out.  I need to speak with someone and get this resolved properly very soon or I'm going to just call my bank and dispute all of the charges.  I generally have a lot of patience but who has the time to deal with their customer service.  Perhaps that's what they count on?  Well, that's just crappy.


      Considering how much Adobe charges for their services and the terrible customer service they provide, I regret the conscience that wouldn't allow me to do what my friends have done and just use a boot leg copy.  Now I understand them better.  There is no excuse for the terrible customer service options, or the inability to even speak with someone in the same country when you have a billing issue. 


      After reading through some other posts here I'm hoping this will be effective in gaining a contact that will actually be helpful in resolving my case.  Otherwise, disputing with the bank will be the way to go and/or possibly looking into class action.