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    Paid for image and did not process?


      Tried to purchase an image through Adobe Stock for my sisters wedding and got an error. The account is registered under my father-in-law. When I was asked to verify the payment information I was allowed the option to pay using my moms information and provided the correct information and address connected with her card. I was given an error message. Why would it not process all the way?

      On another note, every time I visit any other website, a live chat window pops up with a REAL person asking me what can they help me with. Why should Adobe be any different? I have had quite a few friends and colleagues given the same run around while trying to purchase a piece of f'ing "CLIP ART" through Adobe Stock!

      I love the Creative Suite! My industry is basically driven by it!

      Adobe Stock......Go "F" yourself! Everything you provide can be found somewhere else with no hassle. If not, that artist needs to stop sniffing their own farts!

      Chaz D.