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    when loading lightroom I get Lightroom6 instead of cc


      I subscribe to the CC Photography Package.


      The problem I now have is when I start Lightroom CC from Creative Cloud each morning it loads Lightroom6 NOT CC.  To get round this I have to remove all CC items from Task Manager and restart Creative Cloud.  Then when I restart LR it loads the correct version ie CC but I would prefer a permanent fix if possible?


      This all started after having major problems with an update the Lightroom, and I went back to LR6 until the issues were fixed in the last update 2015.3.  Sadly now I am experiencing the wrong version of LR every time I start it for the first time each day.


      I have tried uninstalling Lightroom and reinstalling but it made no difference?   I believe CC was updated during my use of LR6, and perhaps this has caused the problem?  It will not allow me to reinstall the CC Desktop as I have programs that require it ie PS and LR.


      Any help gratefully accepted.