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    Automatic page numbering for documents that don't use InDesign's default format

    carolyns38668136 Level 1

      I posted a set of questions earlier today (12/14) that brought into focus the real issue that I'm struggling with. I've reconfigured the issue here in hopes that it might lead to a solution.


      I have seven completed documents that comprise seven chapters for a book that I have formatted using InDesign CC2015. I would like to assemble them into a book using the Book panel. I've run into a problem with automatic page numbering because of the way I formatted them.


      Each of the chapters opens and closes with a pair of left and right facing pages. That is to say, I deliberately eliminated the standard single right facing page that is InDesign's default first page so that I could instead have the first page be a left facing page. I did this by specifying, in the Page Setup Dialog box, that I wanted the document to begin with page 2. I did this when I created the new document for each of the chapters.


      I also put in Page Number markers on Master Pages in each chapter, anticipating that I would assemble the chapters into a Book using the Book panel, further anticipating that the page numbering would be continuous from one document/chapter to the next.


      When I try to assemble the chapters in the book panel, rather than having continuous page numbers, each separate document begins with Page 2. I realize now — at least I think — that this is because of my initial page setup for each chapter. My specification that each chapter/document begin on page 2 I believe is overriding the automatic page numbering feature in the book panel.


      Can anyone tell me if I'm right about this and if there is a way to work around the override so that my chapters can be numbered continuously?


      I'd be so grateful for any help since I have a looming deadline.


      Many thanks!

      Carolyn Servid