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    Shape Scale (animate)


      When I try to scale one side of a shape, It changes both sides.. and it scales in center of the anchor point, and when I try to animate, it follows the anchor point and the final result is my shape out of the targethow can I change one side?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You need to explain much better. What are you trying to scale? Using what method? Providing a screenshot would help a lot...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Scale happens around the anchor point. Size of a shape layer, like a rectangle, changes around the center of the shape. If you want to scale and have one side stay in position them use move the anchor point to that side. You just have to match which anchor point and which scale values you use. A shape layer, like a Rectangle has shape transform properties and the layer has it's own transform properties. If you want to use the shape layer's scale property then you have to adjust the rectangles anchor point. If you want to use the layer scale property then you must properly line up the layer's anchor point. That's where most of the confusion comes in. This example moves the Transform Rectangle 1 anchor point to the left edge of the rectangle by subtracting half the x width of the rectangle from the default anchor point so the new value is -100, 0. The scale is then animated from 100%, 100% to 200%, 100% and the left edge of Rectangle 1 does not move.

            Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.56.47 AM.png


            On the other hand, if you want to animate the size of a shape then you need to get a little more creative and tie the anchor point to half the size so that the layer's position relative to one side of the layer stays in the same position as you change the size. This is a bit more complicated and involves some expressions:

            Or check out this thread:

            Make a square into a rectangle

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              danilinhu89@hotmail.com Level 1

              Thank you Rick. That's what i was looking for.

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                CHPPWA1846 Level 1

                Hey Rick, I follow the concept. Here's my issue: I want the rectangle to scale from its screen-left position to the right, but when I use the scale function on the shape layer it'll scale in both X directions. The anchor point is tied to the left middle anchor. The Y is stable. I've tried tying the anchor point to any of the left anchors and it still scales in both directions. Is there something I'm missing?

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                  Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                  Does your shape have a stroke?

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                    CHPPWA1846 Level 1

                    I just figured that out. It did. I thought I had already tried that before, but I guess not. That was the issue... Thanks for the response though.

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                      Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                      Your other and better option is to animate the shapes path directly.  That way you can still have your stroke if your want.  If your stroke doesn't matter then you can just animate the scale property