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    How should I handle library sync across laptops? (Creative Cloud)




      I've been a casual user of LR for a couple of years (version 4 I think I've been using) but have just taken out a CC subscription.


      I just need a little help understanding the optimal way to structure my library.


      Current setup:

      • I have a 'main' laptop (desktop replacement laptop, stays at home) and a surface pro 3 (comes with me) and have now installed LR CC on both machines.


      • My actual images are kept in sync across both machines via my NAS - and happy for it to stay this way.


      • Currently, my library (and associated previews folders) are also sync'd across the devices via my NAS.


      This setup 'works', but doesn't strike me as the right way to be keeping my library in sync - especially as the previews are constantly hammering the NAS (everything syncs near real-time)


      Is there are more effective way I should be approaching this? eg, should I keep the library itself in sync, but exclude the preview folders - or can CC handle all of this for me, allowing me to keep the library data in non-sync'd folders on each device? My assumption is that it can (and was part of the reason I took out the CC subscription), I just haven't seen it in action yet!


      Thank you!