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    Is there an issue with Ink and Slide on iPad Air (not 2) and new iOS 9.2


      I recently bought an iPad Air instead of an iPad Air2 because my main goal was to use Sketch and Draw with Ink and Slide. I had read that the iPad Air 2 was problematic. Yesterday, I updated the iPad to 9.2 and now my Ink is behaving oddly while using Sketch. If I am drawing in an area and I erase it a couple of times, I can't draw there anymore. An in-app brush that goes up to 20 px will only go up to 10px unless I close the sketch and reopen it.


      Since the update, my pen's colors don't always show up when turning on or off. It is difficult to know whether the pen is on or off under normal circumstances, but now colors don't light up when the button is touched until I try it again some time after not using the app.


      Anyone else having similar issues?