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    Total newbie confused

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      Hi chaps, forgive me I have never tried to edit a pdf but a good client has sent me file which they need me to alter (I wasn't sure how to add a link but does this work) ?


      Dropbox - Saleroom_info_front_2015.pdf


      ... anyway i don't know where to begin ... eg the outlined 2015 on the front cover ... I've found 'touch up text' and I can highlight the text but get this message :Warning! Since the original font is not available, a substituted font for editing is used.  Any changes to the text of the original font will place a new font dependency upon the document." ... anyway if I overtype the 2015 with 2016 the 'outline' gets left behind and I cannot find a way of losing it .... I also need to change the dates on the middle page of the spread but when I overtype the new text is a totally different size (11 not 15pt) ... I also need to change all of the images .... how do I do that ?


      Am I being particularly stupid or is Acrobat not very friendly ? - does anyone know a resource with a brief introduction so I can self-train please ?


      Regards roger

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          BTW I have Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro ... is this the problem (I cannot justify spending on an upgrade) ?

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            I think the crucial point to understand is that PDFs are really not made for editing, and editing is a desperate last resort. Later versions of Acrobat change stuff, but I doubt much would help. For instance, the 2015 and the shadow behind it were one thing in the design app but are two entirely unconnected things in the PDF.


            I observe this was created in Illustrator CS4. It might be editable in Illustrator CS4 or later if the creator was kind enough to set a special flag when saving the file - but as that doubles the file size they probably turned it off.


            The client needs to either provide you with an original editable file, or pay you to redesign it completely in a suitable DTP app. And - taking a tangent which I hope is interesting - a slight warning buzzer sounds here: the client almost certainly paid some other designer to make the original, and there is every chance that designer still owns all the rights. Sometimes a client seeks to get work adapted more cheaply without considering whether they purchased the rights to do that. Just tread carefully (and consider how you'd feel and what you'd do if the situation was reversed).

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              Thanks for that and the advice ... yes I've now opened it in Illustrator but each line of type is a different layer - I think I'll need to dig a little deeper (I don't know illustrator either - I'm a photographer/motion graphics designer so really only use Photoshop and After Effects ... the client created this document himself but doesn't have time to change the dates and the images for the new year so I'm not treading on another designer's territory. I'm kind of doing him a favour (he gives me a lot of photography work).


              Thanks for taking the time.