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    Change background within a movie so we have different backgrounds at different times

    Fred Schenkelberg Level 1

      Is it possible within Adobe Presenter Video Express (for mac) to set the background for one scene, then use a different background for a later scene?


      Right now the only way I can see to do this is to record two movies, and splice them together with a video editing package, such as Final Cut Pro. not a great work flow


      Also, I'd like to be able to reposition the speaker, being recorded, for the opening slides off to the right side of the screen, works well for full screen on the presenter and I can do this within Presenter when editing... yet, when using the split talking head and slides view, the speaker is now off center. If I edit the speaker's position back to center, it changes it for the entire movie, thus crashing with the title text on the opening slides....


      Hope that makes sense - I'd like to change the background image and to be able to move the position of the talking head within one movie.


      Is it possible and if so how?






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          renzil Level 1

          Hi Fred,


          Thank you reaching out.


          Unfortunately our current design allows you to only choose a single background and position within Video Express, for a single recording. To work around this, I suggest you break your video into smaller 'takes' and record each take separately (using the additional recording feature). Each individual recording can have its own background, position, etc.


          Another idea for multiple background support is to make a Powerpoint deck with all the backgrounds you wish to use, and cycle through this deck during your recording. Then if you set your screen as background, you will have multiple backgrounds for your recording. But the downside with this workflow is that your screen is blocked by Powerpoint and you cannot record any other content.


          Again, thank you so much for the feedback. We will consider it for our upcoming releases.



          Renzil D'Souza

          Adobe Presenter Video Express Team