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    Using FlexSession


      I have created a Remote service which would set some data in FlexSession.
      On click of a button I call the Remote Java service to set the data in FlexSession and another button click retrieves the data from FlexSession using Remote Java service. I am using Open Source Blaze DS for the remoting purpose.

      While doing so I observed that once I set the data in FlexSession using Firefox browser (Firefox#1) and
      If I open another firefox browser(Not another TAB) , it retrieves the session value which was set using the earlier FireFox window i.e Firefox #1.

      In IE 7 such thing is not happening.

      Is anyone aware of the cause or is this the way FlexSession works?
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          levancho Level 3
          I am pretty sure FlexSeason is ussing cookies to track its health and lifespan, its alloabout "as loong as it can read the cookie everything is fine"

          in firefox it still able to read the cookie in new instance of Firefox
          have you tried closing all firefox windows and then reopening, I bet then flexseason will be invalidated