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    Loading fail, check javascript error (but no font line bug !)


      Hello there !

      I've the same problem as a lot of people : a perfectly working file suddenly crashes and says me an error message, telling me to check for js errors.

      I've been looking for help and found tons of messages all describing the same solution, that the font line on the edge.js file has duplicated lines., but won't see duplicates fonts in my edje.js file.


      In fact, I see no font AT ALL. Maybe it's normal since my document has only pictures on it. i tried to paste a font line picked up among the messages of other people living the same troubble, but it still crashes. I'v read somewhere that an object that would be named exactly as another object inside a same symbol could crash the file (that could have happened to me), but what can I do to see this in the JS file ? If only I could reopen the AN file I could easily search and find it, but I don't know how to do with only the coding lines ... Does anybody have an idea ???


      I also tried to create a whole new file, copy images file and js files, and changing the ID number to try to reload the file (without customized scripts)