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    Issue Occuring When I Add any Object and Camera

    sfsfsssdsx Level 1

      Hi all, thanks for helping me with this.

      Here's a link to a video that I recorded showing my problem.

      77c8e8bd-51e4-42d7-97d8-b918f7d12f84.3gp - Google Drive


      After running the 3D Tracker and upon creating any object and camera.  The camera angle moves as the original video moves as well.  I would like the camera to stay stationary instead of skewing the video angle.




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your screen capture is such low quality that I can't really tell exactly what you are doing but it looks like you are not understanding what the camera tracker does or how it works. First, the video layer must stay 2D. You have changed the video layer to 3D and this will never work. The camera tracker recreates a camera inside AE that matches the movement, focal length and position of the camera used to film the scene. Camera tracker provides a way for you to set a ground plane and origin that line up a starting point in AE's 3D space so the comp's world center is lined up with some geometry in the shot. AE's camera tracker does not match lens distortion so if the shot you are tracking was shot with a wide angle lens and there is a lot of distortion then you must remove that distortion before tracking or the edges of your 3D objects will drift as the camera moves unless they are located in center of the shot that is free from distortion.


          I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish with your shot. It looks like you tracked the middle section of the video and made that layer 3D. That will never work. The normal procedure would be to add a camera and a null or a solid or some text to the composition. Then the 3D layers will stick to the shot perfectly if there is no significant lens distortion.


          Please explain in detail exactly what you are trying to do and if you do ccreencaptures putting them on YouTube using full HD will give us something we can see better. It would have helped if there was audio on your video explaining what you were trying to do.


          Please type camera tracker in the Search Help field in the top right corner of AE and study up on how the tool works.

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            sfsfsssdsx Level 1

            Rick, you were correct!  I had the "3D layer" selected on my composition.  This is what was messing it all up. 


            Thank you so much for your quick, timely and correct response.  I spent 2 hours with Adobe Tech support and let them have full access to my computer and we still didn't figure it out.  Thank you so much!