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    Ordering topics on the Project pane

    Mad Greg
      Hi, I have another question about my RH HTML X5.0.2 project, which is used to generate both help files and documents.

      Is there a way to sort topics on the Project pane in the same way as on the TOC pane? I would like to have them in that order instead of alphabetically - for easier editing and because it is the order the topics will be displayed in the document version of the project.

      The way I've "solved" it now is to start each topic name with the chapter and section number used for that topic in the corresponding heading in the Word version of the project. However, that sequence number will then be visible superfluously in the help file version of the project, e.g. when searching for topics using the index. I'd like to be able to both skip that number in the topic title and sort the topics on the Project pane in my preferred order.

      Thanks in advance,
      Greger Nässén
      Stockholm, Sweden