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    CSH works in IE 6 but not IE 7


      Got a problem with CSH (context sensitive help), when I use Internet Explorer 6 and press F1 in a particular window the relevant help topic is displayed in the browser. When I use the same Online help using IE 7 the first window of the Table of Contents is displayed.

      I have tried installing, uninstalling, checked the configurations, they are the same in IE 6 and 7, and I am at a loss...

      Please help!

      Thanks in advance :)
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Rachel

          I'm confused here. Are you talking about help that ships with IE? Or do you have an application you or your company has developed that is failing?

          Cheers... Rick
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            Frustrated_Rachel Level 1
            Hi Rick :)

            Thank you for reading my message,

            Well, let me see if I can explain what the problem is as far as I understand it...

            I use Robohelp 7 to produce a online help that is integrated into an application. When pressing F1 the correct topic in the online help is displayed (when using explorer 6), therefore I assume that the map IDs are correct as is the script that opens the topics.
            The problem I have is that when using the exact same online help in the same software but changing to a Explorer 7 browser, the wrong window is displayed. Instead of opening the correct topic, the first topic of the table of contents is opened. So I assume that as everything is the same and only the Internet Explorer version is changed, that the problem lies with some incompatability between Robohel 7 and Explorer 7.
            Does this sound right to you?´
            Do you have any idea or suggestion?
            I have run out of any hope of correcting this....

            Thank you again :)
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              For what it's worth, our help runs fine with both IE6 and IE7, so I think there isn't an inherent problem. But, woth Windows having its fingers in everything there could be a setting that is confounding things. Do you know how your developer is calling the help? Also, what operating system are you seeing this with? Does it happn on multiple computers or only one?

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                Frustrated_Rachel Level 1

                This problem happens on multiple computers, but not all pcs. The operating system is Windows SP2. I don't know how thw help is called, but as it works for IE 6, then I presume it's correctly called.

                I have a new unrelated problem, I can't open topics to edit. I have used Robohelp 7 with no problem and now all of a sudden no editing...

                Thank you for your previous help, :) Rachel
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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  Hi Rachel,

                  When you say you can't edit topics, can you be a little more specific? Do you mean you see a blank topic? If so, this was a problem fixed in a patch. There are two patches (7.0.1 and 7.0.2) that you should download from this link. Install the 7.0.1 patch before the 7.0.2 one.
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                    Frustrated_Rachel Level 1

                    just found the solution for the topics editing!


                    Originally posted by: ENW18
                    Just an FYI...

                    I selected Tools, Options, Tool Locations and my project was set to Auto Select Editor. I switched it to "used default editor" and ensured the project is default is set to Robohelp WYSIWYG. I have now resolved the problem -- I am able to access and edit my project.