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    Mystery Acrobat Links Created During InDesign Export


      InDesign during export is creating mystery links that are a combination of the URL in the previous paragraph and the text in the next paragraph. These links do not appear in the Hyperlinks Panel, but are visible during a mouseOver in the resulting PDF document.


      Computer Setup: Windows 7, 64-bit, 16GB RAM; InDesign CC, 2015.0 Release, x64 Build; Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, version 11.0.13 (Acrobat DC not allowed by company due to security concerns)


      Problem Description:

      Exported document as usual. For the last two questions/answers (i.e, paragraphs) on one page of the document improper links appear:

      2a.jpgParagraph 2.

      2b.jpgParagraph 2.

      Story Editor shows no strange markup for this page. The incorrect links shown above indicate that ID is taking text from the beginning of the link at the end of the first paragraph on the page and appending to it the text from the start of the second paragraph up to the beginning of the link at the end of the second paragraph. The same happens with the second image above.


      Character Styles Panel for the first line of text:


      Paragraph styles applied include a nested dropCap for this paragraph:


      Details of nested dropCap character style:


      Details of nested bold_ital_12pt_blue style:


      Hyperlinks Panel shows no extra links on the page (page 8):


      Steps Taken to Fix the Document:

      1. Deleted all hyperlinks in the ID Hyperlinks Panel then recreated each and every link in document manually.
        1. Error was not resolved in the resulting PDF.
      2. Created a duplicate of the Adobe Acrobat Pro document.
        1. Removed all hyperlinks on page 8.
        2. Acrobat replied with message that "A total of 10 web links were removed from the document." There were only six on this page according to ID.
        3. The links still remain, although they have now shifted. Instead of being associated with paragraphs 2 and 3 (as they were originally), now they are with paragraphs 1 and 2.
        4. 4c1_4c1.jpgParagraph 1 shows incorrect link.
        5. 4c2_4c2.jpgParagraph 2 shows incorrect link.
        6. 4c3_4c3.jpgParagraph 3 shows correct link now for the displayed URL.

      What other steps can be taken to resolve this issue. Must I start over from scratch now?


      Thanks for any advice/help.