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    Changing  Administrators

      A fellow set up a Contribute site on one of our servers, and sent "Publisher" Connection Keys to our clients, and to his colleagues (including me) within our company. He set himself up as the Administrator of the site. Now he has left the company. We want to update the Administrator for this site. However, we are just "Publishers", so when we go My Connections -> highlight the site -> Edit, all we get is "Import Connection Key" dialog box. We don't get anything that gives us the ability to update Administrator.

      Where do we go, where do we look, to change the Administrator?
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          Create a new connection to the site (>Edit>My Connections), using your ftp data. You will then be able to set yourself up as the administrator. If you do not want the old administrator to be able to login, you will have to change the ftp password first of course. That's a problem with Contribute, that old users can still login if they have ftp-info and/or a connection key...
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            L._H-K Level 1
            Thank you, ThinkInk.

            You say to create a new connection using my ftp data. We connect via Local Network. I doubt that makes a big difference. Connection Wizard claims it cannot verify the connection, even though it's right there when I Browse to it (using "Choose" and browsing to the server and share)

            Admin password: regrettably, the former Admin took that password with him.
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              ThinkInk Level 2
              I'm sorry, but I don't have any experience with this situation. Maybe it's best to delete your connection(s) to the website) and then delete de admininstration as a whole (_mm folder on the server), and then try to set up a new connection. This will not affect the files that make up your website, but creating a back-up in advance (of the whole website including the Contribute folders (_mm, _baks, _notes) is always a good thing..