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    Big problem with "Place" function in CC apps (PSD, AI, INDD)

    tracymoon Level 1

      We have huge problems with the "Place" function in all CC apps (PSD, AI, INDD). Files we save show up at the Finder level, but aren;t there/available to place from within a CC app.  Sometimes saving it twice causes it to appear - but sometimes we have to wait 5 minutes or longer. Is anyone else having this issue. It's been going on for a year - I thought I was going crazy. I just bought and installed a newly formatted hard drive thinking it might be a corrupt system - but the problem persists. We do have this issue when taking a screen grab sometimes - the grab takes a long time to show up, at the Finder level. Any thoughts. Running mac OS 10.10.5 (but it has happened in all previous versions as well).