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    Random fade text characters – controlling the duration of the fades


      The animation itself is rather simple, whether using the built-in preset or making it yourself: a Range Selector goes from Start 0% End 0% to Start 0% End 100%, Opacity for this animator is set to 0% and Random order turned on. But, unless the letters are really huge, the result is not a slow, smooth fade, where the eye can actually see each character fading out over time. Only with the first 3-4 letters (out of say, 15) you can actually see the animation, stretched over some 4-5 frames. The following characters instantly disappear, one at a time. The fading animations literally take only 1-2 frames each!


      Moving the Range Selector's keyframes up and down the timeline only determines when does the whole thing start but doesn't influence the speed of the actual single characters fading. I have also tried to animate the blur on this animator, giving him full 5 seconds to go from 100 to 0 instead of keeping it at zero the hole time – the first few letter are even smoother than before but the rest disappears just as quickly as before.


      How can I do this, please?