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    Entire window is empty

    myDavey Level 1

      Hi, recently upgraded to CC 2015.

      I downloaded and installed extension manager through CC desktop app. I realize that there are no applications listed on the left side of the window (as well as no extensions listed on the right) and I cant install any extensions

      This is obviously not the correct behaviour - anyone have a clue?

      Here is a screenshot:




      Any help would be appreciated



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          fgregor Adobe Employee

          Please see this article: Adobe Exchange


          It is recommended that you uninstall Extension Manager CC as it is not compatible with CC 2015, and will interfere with other workflows such automatic installation via Adobe Add-ons.


          Best regards,


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            myDavey Level 1

            Thanks Fraser, this worked.

            Just to clarify, here is the answer in short:

            1. Extension manager is no longer supported with CC 2015 - it will not work so uninstall it
            2. If you want to install an addon, install it from Adobe Add-Ons website.
            3. If there are issues with that installation, or the addon is not on that site (which was my case with ScriptBay), then install it using adobe's command line tool:
              1. Can be downloaded from this page
              2. Follow the steps on that page to install and run. Basically:
                1. Unzip the package
                2. Place the .zxp file in that directory
                3. run the command, which for windows is as follows:
                  ExManCmd.exe /install ScriptBay.zxp
                4. The command line might not give you any notice of progress, but just let the command line utility do its installation - it works perfect.


            That's all!