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    Watermark Madness


      I posted in here once before about this issue without receiving a viable solution.

      I had no problems with licensed images and watermarks until about a week or two ago. Prior to that, every image that I would license and save to a library folder would be properly licensed without a watermark and available for use to anyone with access to that library. Then all of a sudden, watermarks would appear in every single licensed image that was saved to the CC libraries. I've tried different browsers, same problem. I have seen adobe staff answer other people in these forums with a "simply download it to your desktop". This is not a solution, as the whole point of adobe CC libraries was so that multiple people could access the same assets from within their CC applications. Please address the library-specific watermark issue that a lot of us seem to be having, without telling me to download the photo to my desktop. At this point in time, Adobe Stock is no longer usable for our team because all of the licensed images appear with watermarks on them within the CC libraries.