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    Update questions/productivity/traveling, etc.


      I am new to the CC.


      So far I am finding it a serous pain. Each time, which has only been a few so far when I go to open LR or PS it needs to update. Causing delay in my workflow. Like right now as i type I should be editing...




      1) If you are offline and something needs an update what will happen? Is the product just not usable?

      2) What if you are online but not with a fast connection or need to shut your laptop down for example. and stop the update. What happens.


      REALLY not liking the mandatory updates so far. Is there a way to open the product without having to do the update at this moment?



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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi OwenLR,


          Updates are not mandatory.

          Creative Cloud app gives you the notification when an update is available however, updating the program is completely your choice and optional.


          To answer your questions :

          1. If you are offline and something needs an update, you can ignore that update and continue to use your current version. Program is fully usable.

          2. If you do not have a fast connection and need to shut down the laptop, you can stop the update and update it later on when you have time and good connectivity.