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    ExportAsFDF is not working with Adobe Acrobat X Pro




      I am working on Acrobat Acrobat X pro to export FDF through javascript actions.

      Manually exporting FDF file is working properly, but using the script its giving me below FDF file:




      1 0 obj

      <</FDF<</ID[<D112096744983A4F942778C9714C68BB><18355F3D06AAA94DA58E6A87990B91AA>]/UF(/D/Te st.pdf)/F(/D/Test.pdf)>>>>



      <</Root 1 0 R>>




      I have 18 annotations in this document and no annotations are getting extracted.

      Following is the javascript that I am using which is expected to set the bAnnotations to true & extract all the annotations.


      this.exportAsFDF(true, true, null, true);


      Experts, Any advice? Appreciate any help.