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    'Remove files from LR', sychronize and related problems / queries.


      This is an issue of my own making and may be down to my procedure of storing photos.  I download all photos to an external hard drive and then import those ones that are not obviously rubbish.  I then go through those in LR and either 'keep' or 'remove from LR' .  My aim is to keep a relatively small number of photos in LR whilst I work on those.  I don't want to delete the ones I have removed from LR because they may be brought back into use I want to leave them accessible but not seen by LR.  Now for the questions.


      In Explorer (WIndows PC) is there any way of distinguishing photos that are not visible in LR and which I can then select and put into a separate folder? I know I can set the flag as 'rejected' or tag the image but that doesn't really assist.


      Is there any way of preventing those photos being 're-discovered' and made visible in LR when you synchronise the folder?


      Any guidance or assistance would be appreciated.