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    Whose Customer Service is Worse than Adobe?


      Adobe is billing two different bank accounts for a single account. Fraudulent or innocent mistake? I'll never know. But I do know that I've been on the phone for over an hour trying to resolve the billing issue to no avail. This is my second call about this matter. I've been transferred three times, placed on hold more times than I can count, and still no resolution. And I can't understand half of what the CS rep is even saying.

      Adobe management team: here's an idea - hire customer service people that are actually empowered to resolve issues, speak clear English, and stop wasting users' time by placing them on hold unnecessarily. Ridiculous!

      I get that you don't have much in terms of competition, so you've got me over a proverbial barrel. I need your software for my livelihood. But someday, an alternative will present itself, and I'll be the first one in line to jump off the Adobe train and board the alternative.

      At this point, it may be worth it to forgo the money I'm owed and just close my bank account. As an alternative, I could send you a bill for the time you've wasted.


      I'd really like to rant further about this on Twitter, but perhaps that's in poor taste.

      Fix your customer support process!


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          TriciaLawrence Adobe Employee

          HI MaggieF, I'm so sorry to hear that you're having billing issues and am transferring your post to the relevant forum where you can get help.

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            Brews Wain

            I especially enjoy the logic of putting people on the phone as a first point of contact that don't speak English as a first language.  Adobe is basically saying that their premium cloud products are only good enough to be supported by outsourced jobs in Pakistan.

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              maggief70279997 Level 1

              Update on the status: Adobe failed to issue a credit to my account as promised, which necessitated another call to customer support. Same exact thing - transferred several times, placed on hold several times, etc. In spite of insitsting to speak to someone of "highest authority with authorization to bring full resoltuion to the mess THEY made, I was placed on hold. Again. After waiting on hold for more than 30 minutes, I finally hung up and started over. While on hold, I tweeted my dissatisfaction with their CS team. (Still no acknowledgement of this tweet, btw.) During my second call today, I learned that they had in fact issued a refund -- but to someone else with the same name but to an AMEX account (I've never used an AMEX account for payment) associated with an email address I don't have. So some namesake is the lucky winner of a credit on their AMEX account! WTF? How the hell did that happen. I am now the proud owner of four "Case numbers" - but still no refund. You can be sure I'll continue to monitor this situation. I'd like to send Adobe a bill for my time as well. We're nearing 6 hours of billable time burned by Adobe. I'm simply astonished that no one from Adobe has commented on this post, nor reached out by any means to apologize for wasting so much time and money. Unbelievable. I plan to find other boards on which to air my grievances. If nothing else, others should beware the assinine service that accompanies Adobe's products.