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    Problems with editing PDF book in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


      I am sent a PDF online file of a 400 pages book to edit mistakes. I saved the file to my PC and opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Everything seemed fine. But when I opened Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to edit the file, each page is recognized separately (encircled with margins or something) and when I correct mistakes the text rearranges (either the broken sentence ends at the middle of the line or the sentence goes out of the margin and covers the page number etc.) I am not able nor allowed to edit the text and then arrange everything again because that is the editor and designer's job which has already been done. I just need to correct some minor errors in letters, grammar etc. But, if I do that everything would appear in a complete chaos. Is there any possibility to edit the text without disarranging its shape and design? Thanks in advance!