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    Force close without saving

    innerspaceouterspace Level 1

      Two part question:


      What is Premiere writing upon closing a document?
      It's getting in the way of workflows that I'm developing, as it's trying to write to a write-protected file. I can't diff between the before and after files to find the difference since the prproj is binary.


      And if you're curious what the message is: If I run app.project.closeDocument() on a perforce file that is not checked out(read-only), the error that occurs is:

      "Could not open the project file with write access. The file may be locked or you may not have permission to write to this location.

      Select 'Save As' from the File menu to save the project to a new location."


      Second part:
      app.project.closeDocument() - is there a force argument that can be handed to this? or a completely different command that will say "when I close you, don't save any information to the file?"