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    FAQ: Why does my puppet in the scene not look the same as it does in Adobe Illustrator?

    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

      Character Animator cannot support some some layer settings and capabilities — opacity, gradients, blending mode, clipping paths, etc. — in an Adobe Illustrator file and keep the artwork in a vector format. Puppets based on this type of artwork and shown in the Scene panel might not look the same as they do in Illustrator, even if they appear correct in the Puppet panel.

      To use a more accurate representation of the artwork:

      1. Open the puppet in the Puppet panel.
      2. Expand the layers in the layers list (left sidebar) until you find a skin layer (with a square icon).
      3. Select the skin layer, then enable the "Render As Image" option in the Properties panel.

      Note: When Render As Image is used, the Wiggler behavior will not affect the artwork, and the artwork will look pixelated when magnified more than 200%.