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      So after hours of scientific testing, ok so I rendered the exact same composition twice. (Best Settings, Lossless .avi)

      First time to the c:\ drive near perfect result (some banding in the gradated area) not one frame of static/interference. Render time 00:07:08

      Second time to the usb 3.0 Fantom drive, EEK! first second or two has all sorts of static/interference -from a few lines at the bottom of the frame to full frame. Render time 00:05:20

      The comp' is a Ae generated line of text (3d extrusion depth of 15) lit by a "spot light" layer that starts with a closed cone to an 50 degree cone (shadows enabled on all layers). In other words a very simple file that should not (does not) tax the 11GB Ram (5gb available for other programs), 3GB on Nvidia 670M card - Asus G75 computer.

      The idea that this is a codec issue, hmmm, don't think so, if so then it would effect both renders, no?

      There appears to be an issue with rendering to an external drive -really Adobe?- something you might want to look into.

      In the meantime lesson learned, only render Ae projects to the c:\ /Desktop then move them off to the relevant storage device.



      BTW I'm using CC 2015 or rather, so it appears the issue is nor going anywhere fast.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody can tell you anything without exact render settings and info on what you use to actually review your work. You're just throwing around a lot of (unfounded) assumptions. This could merely be a playback issue due to the USB drive's low data rate and then what?



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            EselJaye Level 1


            So here's the deal, when looked at frame by frame the "static" is in exactly the same place/frame number every time even when not played back from the usb drive.

            So not a playback issue.

            When no settings change between renders and the only variable is the connection to the drive (internal vs. external), to most logical and sentient beings that defines the source of the problem.

            Seriously a "low data rate" from a USB 3.0?

            This has been a problem for more than one generation of AE.

            Lastly there are no "unfounded" or otherwise "assumptions" in my original message, there are two examples of my experience and the conclusions I made from those experiences.

            Have yourself a fun little day.

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              EselJaye Level 1

              One more thing, as in any good scientific experiment, the proof of concept lies in the ability to repeat the experiment with the same results.

              While the position/frame reference of the static/interference is variable the overall result, no static/interference vs. plenty of static/interference does repeat every time.

              Again have yourself a fun little day.