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    After Effects CC 2015 slow performance on real-time preview


      Hello guys, I have met some performance issue since CC 2015.

      I'm working on some MG stuff, and mostly rigging character with AE.


      But I find out that when I use lots of expression with rigging character,

      my real-time preview become very lag.

      Therefore, I installed CC 2014 few days ago.

      I got better real-time preview speed, but slower RAM preview.


      I have tested many machines in my company recently (both Mac and Windows),

      but I notice that Mac got pretty slow performance then Windows, even Mac have better CPU.

      So I also wonder if I want to get better working speed, which hardware should I upgrade?

      Better CPU or GPU also?  

      (For now Only working 2D MG, but lots of expressions)


      Thanks for your time, and sorry for my poor English if you can't understand.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AE uses the GPU for very little. Unless you're using the obsolete ray-traced renderer, the GPU doesn't really matter for AE. (Unless you're using a third-party plugin like Element or Red Giant Universe, in which case, you'll want to check their requirements.)


          Things that make AE run faster: Fast clock speed on your CPU, lots of RAM, having an SSD for AE's cache that isn't used for footage or other assets, and having more cores on your CPU (maybe).

          Use AE CC 2014 and make sure your settings are correct in the Memory and Multiprocessing preferences.

          AE CC 2015 is the first steps towards a more modern, multithreaded After Effects, but it's only the first step (and it doesn't even have any sort of multiprocessing rendering yet). As a cursory glance at these forums will indicate, the new architecture they've begun in CC 2015 still has some big issues.


          I am not having any major issues with CC 2015 (13.6) on my Windows machine. So, for me, I work in CC 2015, then open my project files in CC 2014 to render. Use what works best for you.